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Jonathan Sacksick / @jsacksick

Jonathan Sacksick

Web developer at Commerce Guys
Maintainer of Commerce Kickstart v2
Search API, Commerce Search API, Other Commerce contribs.

Paris, France   ·   London, England   ·   Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Built from scratch on Drupal 7

Minimalistic and flexible

Uses Views for all listings

Uses Rules for business logic

Relies on "essential contribs" and distributions to complete the experience

Most popular Drupal distribution
(8k installs)

Streamlined administration optimized for common tasks

Responsive frontend theme

Enhanced product marketing
(image zooms, slideshows, etc)

Faceted product search

Built-in payment gateways,
third party tools

Context / Requirements

Manage subscriptions to services

Sell support tickets

Handle renewable subscriptions

(Commerce Platform)

I need a way to track the user's right to access a resource

A separate entity type

A separate entity type

A separate entity type

A separate entity type

Commerce License

What is it?

It's a framework for selling access to local or remote resources.


A license can be configurable and have fields that are filled-in by the user


A license can be remote/synchronized with an external service.


Licenses can be time limited, and are automatically expired.

Commerce File 2.x

Need streaming? No problem

Full Amazon S3 integration



You need a payment module with Card on File support.

Dunning process

What happens if I can't charge the user anymore?

Commerce recurring

But wait, I always want to bill on the 1st of the month?


Commerce License billing

What is it?

Commerce License Billing provides advanced recurring billing for licenses.


It supports plan changing in the middle of the billing cycle and free quantity.


It supports post payment and estimation calculation.


It supports metered billing.

"Metered billing, or usage-based billing, usually involves a fixed monthly fee plus an overage fee for additional usage beyond the included amounts.
E.g mobile phone providers: pay $49/mo for 400 minutes, then $0.10 per additional minute of usage."